Taku Glacier Flightseeing and Wilderness Lodge Salmon Bake

Taku flightNarrated nostalgic floatplane tour! Ice Field and Glacier views! Historic wilderness lodge and salmon bake! A Top 10 Alaska shore excursion! Taku Glacier Lodge a favorite Alaskan experience!

Fly in a nostalgic floatplane over five breathtaking glaciers to an authentic wilderness lodge for a king salmon feast. You’ll see why Taku Glacier Lodge is a favorite tour in Alaska! A true Alaskan experience, your adventure begins the moment you take off from Juneau's downtown waterfront.

Each guest enjoys a window seat to get an unrestricted view of up to five magnificent glaciers of the Juneau Icefield, as well as deep blue crevasses, snow-capped mountains, cascading waterfalls and lush forests. You’ll enjoy full narration throughout the flight. The Taku River will be your runway as you come in for a landing at the Historic Taku Lodge built in 1923. The Lodge is located across the river from the Hole-in-the-Wall Glacier.

Taku Glacier LodgeShortly after your arrival, the aroma of alder-grilled salmon tells you the feast is about to begin. As the fire crackles, you’ll savor the Lodge-cooked feast of baked beans, coleslaw, pioneer fruit compote, fresh herb biscuits and sourdough bread to complement the grilled-to-perfection Alaska Salmon. Hot Russian tea, coffee, beer, wine or iced tea and lemonade chilled with actual glacier ice and special recipe ginger cookies complete the meal.

Taku Glacier Lodge MealWhile enjoying your meal your host will entertain you with stories of the early day characters like Mary Joyce and her famous dog sled trip. The Lodge’s unique interior is decorated with old dog sleds, hunting and trapping gear, furs and skins. The roaring fire in the rock fireplace makes a cozy place to enjoy company of new friends and relive the stories of the brave souls that homesteaded this area.

Often the aroma of salmon attracts a local black bear in search of a tasty morsel. Bear often visit the barbecue pit area in search of leftovers! I’ve seen them often from the safety of the lodge many times; and it is fantastic! Bring your film. Before your flight back to Juneau, stroll the trails of an old growth forest or relax with a beverage and breathe in the serenity and crystal clean air of a place scarcely touched by time. Bring comfortable shoes.


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