Private Alaska Glacier Trail Hike and Trek

(optional Ice Climbing)

/i/Glacier/glaciericeclimbing.JPGYour own privately guided glacier trek! Enjoy the glacier with just you and your family. Private trips cater to your pace, ability and interests. If you are interested in spending more time trekking on the glacier or more time ice climbing, then a private trip is for you!

Explore the exhilarating sport of hiking with optional ice climbing on the glacier. Trace the path of glacial succession as you introduce yourself to glacier trekking and ice climbing on the Mendenhall Glacier!

Professional guides lead the trip and provide expert instruction & interpretation while blending safety with fun. The trip begins with a two and a half mile trail hike through the rainforest and along the lake's edge of the Mendenhall Glacier, over forest and rocky terrain. The elevation gain is approximately 300-500 feet. Once you reach the terminus of the glacier, you will be outfitted in trekking gear.

Guides instruct you step by step on how to trek in crampons and use an ice axe on glacial terrain. After trekking around the glacier, you will be given a short introduction to ice climbing. With the use of ice axes on a beginner slope, guides teach you the basic techniques of climbing up and down on an ice wall. This trip features close-up views of ice caves, streams, crevasses and other unique glacial formations. This is a once in a lifetime adventure! 

This trip is combined with a Glacier Trek and they will try our best to give everyone the opportunity to ice climb. Circumstances such as poor weather, inadequate footwear, and a slow pace to the glacier may limit or prevent the opportunity to try ice climbing. If you are more interested in ice climbing than glacier trekking, then we recommend you book a private ice climb trip (about $100 surcharge per person). A private trip allows you to spend more time on the glacier, and can be customized to your pace, ability, and schedule. 

* This glacier trip caters to all ages and abilities, however, you must be in good enough shape to hike for up to 5 hours, covering about 7 miles roundtrip. The hike to the glacier is challenging, and will take approximately 7 hours roundtrip for a group in good physical fitness condition. Due to the various fitness abilities and weather on this trip, please allow 7-8 hours roundtrip. If you prefer a slower pace, please let us know.

**The first mile of the trail is well maintained and goes through forests with a few switchbacks. The second half of the trail is off the beaten path and requires hiking on bedrock with some rock scrambling on steep sections. It's important to have sturdy shoes or boots that provide good ankle support while hiking on the rocky terrain. For a relatively fit group, it takes about two hours to hike to the glacier. The elevation gain is about 300 feet.**

*** Do not schedule other excursions directly before or after our trip, as there can be weather or other delays.

Trip Activities: Hiking, Glacier trekking, Optional Ice Climbing
Glacier Trek/Ice Climb Time: Sample Itinerary: About 7+/- hours. 9:30a-5p.m 1/2 hour - Van Transport to Trailhead, 1/2 hour - Gear Orientation, 2 hour - Trail Hike to Glacier, 1/2 hour - Introduction to Glacier Trekking, 1 hour - Glacier Trekking and Introduction to Ice Climbing, 2 hour - Trail Hike Back to Parking Lot, 1/2 hour - Van Transport Back to Town

Tour Operator Provides: Certified guide, mountaineering gear, backpack, rain jacket and pants, hearty snack/bottled water, roundtrip transportation. 

You Bring: Comfortable hiking shoes or boots, comfortable hiking pants, warm hat, fleece gloves, sunglasses, and sunscreen..  

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