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Juneau Attractions 

Many Juneau Alaska Attractions are low cost, with tickets available at the door without advance reservations (as opposed to tours which must be booked far in advance.) These are accessible by car, bus or taxi.

Mendenhall GlacierMendenhall Glacier is the only drive-up, road accessible glacier in the USA and is the third most visited attraction in Alaska.  You can see icebergs, wildlife, bears during fish spawning, glaciers, glimpse the 1000 square mile ice field beyond, and beautiful scenery. It is all within walking distance from Pearson's Pond, and a 15 minute drive from downtown Juneau.

Mendenhall Glacier and Visitors Center: Perched above the shores of the lake above which towers the blue ice of the glacier, the Visitor’s Center boasts terrific displays and information on the ecology of this area and dynamic ice field. Many trails from the lake lead into the surrounding mountains for excellent viewing and photographic opportunities. The  Naturalist guided summer walks. Films and talks year round on weekends. $5 admission fee.

TramMt Roberts Tramway goes up to Mt. Roberts. The 6 minute ride brings you to great hiking trails, a mountaintop restaurant - great for salmon, gift shop and native theater. The mountaintop is also a good place for picnic. There is an interpretive center, and you can buy self- or naturalist- guided hiking tour here. Or, hike on your own. Bring a picnic lunch, and stay on the trails. Check the cruise ship schedule and pick a time and/or day when there are fewer ships in town. 

Glacier GardensGlacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure is wonderful for nature lovers. I enjoy walking around the waterfalls, the beautiful colors and textures, natural habitat for wildlife and the absolutely fantastic hanging gardens in the upside-down trees. A must-see. They'll take you in a golf cart to the top of the mountain with great glacier views (similar to the one above by the East Glacier Loop). 1-4 hours, Under $25 admission fee, + transportation.

Alaska State Museum: One of the best in the state, has great displays of Alaska's Native Peoples, Natural History, Russian America, the American Period, mining,  art and interactive children sections. 

Salmon Hatchery: Check out their awesome aquariums and fish ladder with underwater window that lets you watch salmon fight their way up!. Watch incubation process, enjoy excellent displays and buy delicious smoked fish. Great aquarium displays. Located at 3 mile Egan Drive. 

Alaskan Brewing Company: At 5429 Shaune Dr. Take the popular tours for free and taste award-winning beers. ask to try their spruce tip and Alaskan Amber. Plenty great souvenirs. Take a taste of the North home with you!

Shrine of St Therese Shrine of St. Therese: Enjoy a drive ‘out the road’ to mile market 23 to visit this beautiful stone chapel and Fourteen stations of the Cross sit on a tiny island accessible by a foot trail. A popular site for weddings. Gorgeous views of Lynn Canal, marine mammals and bird life. Serene. Kid friendly. 

East Glacier TrailHiking in Juneau, Alaska. There are hundreds of trails in Juneau. Some are a relaxing walk at sea level. Others include a comfortable 3 hour hike up the trails around the world-famous Mendenhall Glacier, or a vigorous hike to the top of one of our many mountains. Most are in the rainforest with lots of flora and fauna.

The glacier visitor center has 2 guided walks daily in summer and the city has two guided all-day hikes each week year round. All are free. Learn details of our favorite trails: East Glacier Loop, Mt. Roberts above the tram, West Glacier, Perseverance, trails to the many lakes, a walk along the shore by the serene Shrine of St. Therese, and lots of others. Ask the forest service or visitor kiosk for a map. 

River TrailBiking and Tours: There are dozens of miles of bike trails in Juneau, many are paved and also suitable for disabled visitors. Pearson's Pond offers free bikes and trail maps for their guests. Or, you can take a guided tour, 4 hours. You will see lots of birds, eagles, waterfowl, squirrels and great scenery.

Aurora Borealis: The Northern Lights are caused by storms on the sun. High energy particles hit earth's atmosphere and excite atoms. They occur in the far north and far south, because of the earth's magnetic fields. They are visible when it is dark and clear (which occurs occasionally  even in the rainforest), and brush across the sky in moving bands. These can be seen, when active, on dark, clear nights. (In summer, it often is dark after midnight).

GoldpanningGold Panning: Pan for gold in Gold Creek and hear about the gold rush history. a "prospector" guide shows you how, near one of the world's largest former hard-rock mining operations. "Guaranteed gold!" 

Gold Creek Salmon Bake: All-you-can-eat buffet with Freshly grilled salmon, Barbequed chicken and ribs, and many tempting side dishes & beverages. • Musical entertainment • If desired, narrated round trip transportation from the pier

After lunch or dinner, roast marshmallows over an open fire and take a walk along Salmon Creek to see beautiful Salmon Falls, pan for gold, and visit the remnants of the original Wagner Mine.
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